Weird and Wonderful Bananas on the Web

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The web is a varied and fascinating place, a place surprisingly full of bizarre and brilliant banana based memes and articles. After an intensive search, I present to you the best banana sites on the web, varying from the informative to the ridiculous…..

1. ‘3 Bananas that look like celebrities’ – This is a short gallery of bananas styled to look like A-listers. Strange, but somehow captivating (

2. ’17 delicious ways to use up old Bananas’ – On a more serious (seriously delicious!) note, here is a comprehensive list of healthy and delicious uses for bruised or brown bananas, all of which you can whip up without Michelin standard skills. (

3. ‘The world’s biggest banana slip’ – Watch with glee as this brave soul performs the world’s biggest banana peel slip, and ends up covered in what looks suspiciously like banana cake… (

4. ‘Impressive Banana Art’ – Unlike link no.1, this banana art genuinely is extremely impressive and makes you feel almost guilty for wanting to eat them. (

5. ‘The breathing bananas’ – This is a fascinating insight into the life of your yellow friends, as captured by a time lapse camera. It might put you off your banana bread momentarily, but seeing a lifecycle in minutes can’t fail to impress. (

Bella Banana


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