Bananas for VegFest!

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Last weekend we teamed up with celebrity nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston for London’s VegFest, and what a festival it was!

With produce from around the globe and companies established and not, it was an amazing event to be a part of, and working with Yvonne made it all the more special.

We spent the weekend lavishing free bananas on the eager VegFest crowd, whilst Yvonne made some delicious BanaBay banana based smoothies and dispensed them from a smoothie bike! Meanwhile, we also asked people to give us their BanaBay smile, resulting in a lot of brilliant photos of festival goers using a banana as a smile!

If you were there, you might be in our VegFest photo album which is here.

If you weren’t, try making our smoothie at home, here’s the recipe:

VegFest Smoothie Bike Recipe – plant-based, superfood energy

Coconut, hemp or oat milk
Banabay bananas
Bluegreen algae powder


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