A banana a day keeps the doctor away!

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We’ve always said that bananas are the perfect healthy treat, and this week new research has revealed yet more benefits of eating the nation’s favourite fruit.

A recent study followed over 90,000 post-menopausal women over the course of 11 years and found that participants who consumed the most potassium were at far less risk of stroke. For women with healthy blood pressure, the likelihood of suffering an ischaemic stroke was reduced by a staggering 27%, whilst the risk of all stroke types fell by 21%.

The World Health Organization recommends 3,510mg of potassium a day for women, which is the equivalent of around 8 medium sized bananas! Of the women studied, only 16.6% were meeting their potassium target – hopefully following this new research that percentage will begin to rise.

Still not convinced? Well bananas have also been proven to prevent heart disease, bone damage, stomach ulcers and kidney disease – that and they taste fantastic! So fill up your fruit bowl with bananas for a happy, healthy family!