Banana Addiction! This week’s news in bananas

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Well! It’s been a big week for bananas. With three fruity stories doing the rounds, we thought it only appropriate to keep our banana buffs in the loop!

Kicking off, Danish supermarket Coop mistakenly received a substance marginally more addictive than our favourite fruit. When store employees opened their supposedly banana bearing crates they found around 100kg of cocaine, a far cry from the nutritious fruits they were expecting. Police continue to investigate the shipment, provenance Columbia, but no arrests have been made. Absolutely Crackers Bananas!

In other news, banana icons B1 and B2 of ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ fame came within a hair’s breadth of redundancy after the near cancellation of the beloved children’s show. After outcry from fans the show has been saved, and an initiative implemented to further promote an undeniably brilliant kids show. Hurray!

Good news this week for banana loving fashionistas, as designer Martini unveils new line of banana themed Greek sandals. The fancy footwear will retail at $320 when they become available to the general public in 2014. Of designing the sandals Martini commented, ‘They were easy to design but difficult to make, because all the bananas are at different angles,’ which goes to show that it’s not just the carbohydrate aspect of bananas that’s complex!

That’s your banana bulletin for the week, I’m Bella Banana, thanks for tuning in.


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