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BanaBay - Malta Fun Run

BanaBay bananas were on everyone’s lips for Malta’s leading national charity event, the President’s  Fun Run, when over 15,000 pieces of the fruit were given away to race participants.

The event, which took place on Sunday 1st December, was supported by BanaBay and the island’s foremost fresh produce importer Mafimex, who fielded a team to hand out the free bananas.

Staged to encourage healthy active lifestyles, the President’s Fun Run is open to all age groups and all funds raised went towards The Malta Community Chest and local good cause L’Istrina.

Mark Mizzi, MD of Mafimex said:  “The Fun Run is one of the biggest family events and we were happy to support it in the best way possible – with bananas!  They are a great source of energy and full of vitamins which is just what you need to keep active.”

BanaBay - Malta Fun RunThe Fun Run is just one of the ways Mafimex and BanaBay plan to join forces as BanaBay’s MD Mark O’Sullivan explains:  “This event was like a large scale product sampling and a fantastic way to make our debut in Malta. We look forward to working on further projects with our enthusiastic partners Mafimex including a special promotion to ensure ongoing support of L’Istrina charity which helps the less fortunate of Malta.”

BanaBay bananas have recently been introduced into Malta by Mafimex with ambitious plans to establish it as the premier brand on the island through supporting important public events and charitable causes.


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