BanaBay Introduces New BanaBinos

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Baby Bananas from BanaBay

BanaBay marks on its third year in business by expanding its product portfolio. BanaBino or baby bananas, have joined the established line up of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, in direct response to customer demand.

Grown in Ecuador, BanaBinos are the mini version of BanaBay’s premium-quality Cavendish bananas. In appearance the baby bananas have bright yellow skin and dense creamy flesh with a slightly sweeter taste. The compact portion size has novelty value and they are set to appeal to the children’s market for healthy snacking and including in school lunch boxes.

Following extensive trials, there has been strong interest from the current customer base in the USA, China, New Zealand and Europe.

BanaBay is highly focused on meeting customer requirements and is currently reviewing further fruit lines to provide a fantastic range of premium quality products under the BanaBay brand.